Meeting consumer requirements and always improving consumer satisfaction are our top priorities.

We make sure that each piece of fruit be packaged and sent as quickly as possible after harvest to preserve all their tastes and nutritional qualities.


Our citrus fruit

We select all our varieties of citrus for their best taste, nutritional and aesthetic quality: sun-kissed, juicy, colourful, and flavoured, with a generous vitamin-filled pulp.

AgrumesWe also ensure that at all levels of the production process, the best agricultural methods are being used and that the fruits are cultivated and are taken care of in the respect of regulations, at the same time preserving the environment.

Freshness and taste are part of the guarantees that we offer daily. All seasons, coming from Spain best orchards and from the South Hemisphere, fruits are picked at their full maturity. They are hand-picked, packaged and sent immediately after harvest to preserve all their taste and nutritional qualities. Upon delivery, we pay particular attention upon arrival at the care that demands a live product, fragile and perishable.

Beyond citrus fruit

To complete our range of products, we offer some other very tasty pieces
fruit: peaches, nectarines, watermelons, avocados, mangoes, which are
with care to guarantee a level of exceptional freshness and quality.