Murisseur de bananes

Experts in ripening, we have respectfully mastered the natural banana ripening process with the help of our 19 ripening rooms, with 15 dedicated only to the bananas. 

The ripening process

As a climate-dependent fruit, bananas can ripen as soon as the banana stem is cut out from the tree by sole contact with exogenous ethylene (present in the air). After harvest, they are able to synthesize this chemical in an autocatalytic way.

Even green, bananas remain fragile.

The ripening chambers enable us to reproduce artificially the natural ripening process. For 5 days, bananas are kept into a temperature, fan-speed and humidity rate controlled environnement. All the process is computer-monitored thanks to sensors installed in the ripening rooms.

As the banana ripens, its starch converts to sugar just as the chlorophyll slowly disappears from the peel. Its peel colour will then slowly go from green to yellow depending on our customers’ demands.

This process demands all the know-how of the ripener to reveal the taste of the fruit and obtain bananas with delicious pulp.

Besides, the quality of the ripening process guarantees a longer lifespan for the fruit. 

Colorimetrie bananes