Our high quality products come from the best regions of the world and are meticulously selected for their freshness and their gustative quality.

All year long, we pride ourselves in choosing only the best products in order to guarantee to our customers fruit of exceptional taste and at their best level of maturity.



 Bordils Company,
promoting excellence

Our CompanyEts Bordils

Bordils is a family business which has been established since 1951.
Located in Rungis since 1969, we pride ourselves in keeping alive the passion of fruit.



An ability to provide mature fruit on demand all year long

Originally, we were specialised in citrus fruit, but have since widened our range of products to include other exotic fruit. Bananas, mangoes and avocados have ever since come to expand our product line. 

Experts in ripening, we have respectfully mastered the natural banana ripening process with the help of our 19 ripening rooms, with 15 dedicated only to the bananas. A minute precision in the refining process is crucial that is why the ripening facilities at Bordils, equipped with a state of the art technology, are supervised with acute attention.
Please feel free to contact us with any request you may have, even the most specific ones. Our team of 15 people will do their best to meet your needs. 

In any seasons, our whole range of products, from clementines to nectarines, from watermelons to oranges, is available all year long, thanks to a network supply established in both hemispheres.
Moreover, we belong to the Fructifrui Grouping which should be regarded as a guarantee of quality and reliability. Indeed, we have established a relationship of trust with our customers, because we never settle for less than a 100% level of satisfaction.